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As of August 29, 2011, our firm is part of a network of independent public accountants and auditors, lawyers and business advisors around the world, which headquarters are located at 1040 Avenue of the Americas(40th street), 18th floor, 10018 New York, NY, USA

UC&CS Global was funded by UC&CS América and it´s Strategic Associates, either from America and from other Continents, when they visualized the need to have an association of MDP-Multidisciplinary firms at an international level, in order to serve their clients beyond their borders

The Strategic Alliances we already signed are:

An Association of Groups of Consultants located in 60 Countries - Mainly Emerging Economies plus Japan, the BRIC, etc, specialized in Japanese Techniques, like Kaizen, Hoshin Kanri, Zero Inventories, Just in Time, Cross Cultural Management, etc. The Agreement was signed on September 27th in Mexico City, first with the Mexico Group but with coverage in all the 60 Countries.
We signed the Agreement with the Mexico President and with the presence of one of the Founders of the Association in Mexico, the Engineer Hugo López Araiza.

Anyhow, we will be signing individual agreements with the most important Groups, mainly the BRIC and Japan, in the next months/years.
With them, we have established as an initial point a BJIC Program, Brazil, Japan, India, China Program to certify our Partners in the BJIC Economies that will be a Program of 4 years including the Japanese Techniques, as well as the Financial Side in every one of the BJIC Countries, Taxation, Legislation, IFRS Adoption, etc.

Latino Association of Tax Preparers, located in New York, USA, with coverage of almost 100 Latin Members in all the USA, preparing more than 20,000 tax returns for Latin and Non Latin People and Companies across the USA.
This Agreement increases the Latin Coverage of our Global Firm in the USA, and was signed with his President, Luis Parra in Mexico City.
With them, we have established an initial Program of training our Partners in USA Tax Preparation for Ex-Patriates in the Latin Place; whereas will increase the coverage of services of our Firms.
Also, we are going to set a Technology Center in USA-MEXICO to distribute an Accounting-ERP Software for the Latin Market in all the Countries of Latin America, including the customization of the software to local legislation, IFRS, etc.

Law Firm all across Spain, with the main office in Barcelona, Spain, specialized in the Financial Sector, Banking, Non Banking, etc, in the Services of Data Protection, establishing measures to comply with the Data Protection laws, financial laws, etc. in Latin America.

We signed the Agreement in Mexico City with his President, Abel Bonet We are establishing with them individual cooperation agreements with our Members in Mexico and then in Latin America to make a joint offer to our clients to comply with the Data Protection Laws, already in place in Mexico and Latin America

A Group of 26 Firms all around the USA, mainly Accounting, Auditing and Tax Firms.We already established a "Gentleman´s Agreement" with his President, Cornell Rudov in New York, and now we are in the process of reviewing the terms of the Contract to be signed, hopefully, before the year end.
With this important Group, we are establishing joint technical programs, both, in the USA and Mexico and Latin America and we will be offering to our USA Clients in Latin America, the Global Auditing based on the Corporate Office of our Clients in the USA.
They also have capabilities for SEC work, with 2 of the Firms registered for SEC purposes, so we will be offering the service to our USA based Clients, with Subsidiaries in Latin America
The competitive advantage of UC&CS Global is the personal service it renders to its clients, with a global coverage in 4 continents.
The quality of the association is supported by the letter of acknowledgement of values, that all of the international members of UC&CS Global have to sign upon entering the association, that basically recognizes 5 fundamental CORPORATE VALUES:


Currently, UC&CS Global counts with a network of 95 affiliates or strategic allies, 158 offices in 54 countries with over 3,200 professionals leaded by 1,395 partners, attending over 22,000 clients all around the world. Its annual income surpasses the US 52 millions, including the alliances with AOTS, Bonet, LATAX and UC&CS America.

The current economic environment demands the companies to be globalized and therefore these companies require trans-continental firms. This is why UC&CS Global counts on affiliate practices that meet the international standards of quality, and locally, in each of their countries, know in depth the legal, fiscal, and accounting framework, as well as the economic reality, in order to advise you in your local businesses and operations, and to guide you in your investments abroad, in most financial centers around the world.

Also starting August 29, 2011, Asesores Jurídicos y Financieros, S. C., is part of the international firm of public accountants, auditors and administrative consultants, specialized in accounting, taxes, international commerce, transference prices, corporate finance, technology information, exchange administration, etc.
Their headquarters are located at Reforma 222, 18th floor, Col. Cuauhtémoc, 06600 México, D.F.

UC&CS America (UC&CS which stands of United Consulting & Corporate Services) was funded 11 years ago in Mexico, Distrito Federal, when some partners of practices in Mexico, coming from The Big Four, realized that it was necessary to have an association of firms of accountants and auditors, internationally, in order to serve their clients beyond their borders, with the same quality standards that previously ruled the said Big Four.

The competitive advantage of UC&CS is the personal service with the Latin touch, offered to their clients, in addition to the global coverage, in their own language, as well as partners that fluently speak Spanish, Portuguese, French and English.
The quality of the association is supported by the firm’s bylaws, by the strategic association contract signed by all partners upon their affiliation, and the manual of corporate policies.

Operationally, it has quality standards sustained by an Audit manual, a collection of the fiscal regimes in Latin America (TAXES IN AMERICA), a collection of the International Regulations of Financial Information, and auditing software customized for the American continent.
Currently, UC&CS has a network of 58 affiliate or allied firms, 95 offices in 17 countries, with over 1,880 professionals leaded by 211 partners that serve over 3,800 clients along the continent. Their annual income supersedes the US 24 millions.



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